Regd. No. MAH-576/03 NGP
ISSN: 2319-7188 (Print)
NAAS Rating 3.92

INSEE Objectives

2.01 To provide a forum for continuing dialogue among all concerned agencies engaged in transfer of technology for agricultural development and rural and allied sectors.

2.02 To foster close linkages among existing extension education and rural development organizations (National and Inter-national) which are working for the advancement of agriculture and rural society. The purpose of such linkage is to exchange information and thoughts based on research and field experience so as to develop and suggest effective strategies for transfer of technology among rural clientele and its application in the field.

2.03 Organising conferences, seminars, workshops, training programs, capacity building programs etc., for professionals, policy makers, planners and administrators working in the field of extension education and rural development and to disseminate and exchange existing literature and publish new information on extension education and rural development.

2.04 To promote research in extension education and rural development and test recent techniques and methods of transfer of technology and develop promising technologies for effective dissemination among rural clientele.

2.05 Increasing membership of extension education experts and facilitating closer association with other rural development organizations and institutions in the world for promoting and interaction among professional experience in research, education, extension programmes and rural development.

2.06 To promote exchange of extension educational experts in developed and developing countries to boost up extension research and training programmes.

2.07 To maintain a close liaison with International agencies like UNDA, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, SAARC, etc. for working on "issues" related to extension education in agriculture and rural development.

2.08 To promote exchange of visits of extension professionals, farmers and local leaders within and between the countries to acquaint them with latest development in the field of agriculture and rural development.

2.09 To act as a "World Watch" on Extension Education by publishing an annual report on the status of extension education in agriculture and rural development and exchange research publications.

2.10 To undertake any other activity as approved by Executive Council of the Society.