Regd. No. MAH-576/03 NGP
ISSN: 2319-7188 (Print)
NAAS Rating 3.92

Award Winners



Theme : Market Led Extension Management – Approaches

Day-1 Session 2

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 Marketing Constraints encountered by progressive rabbit farmers of Tamil Nadu P Kumaravel
2 Price Forecasting of Tomato in Kolar Market of Karnataka using ARIMA and GARCH model Nandini Saha
3 Communication Behaviour of Fruit Retailers in Kano State, Nigeria S. A.Dambazau

Theme : Market Led Extension Models and Experiences

Day-1 Session 3

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 An Assessment of Marketing Channels of Poultry Products in Udaipur and Ajmer districts of Rajasthan Nikita Inaniya
2 Fish Marketing Extension Service Model for Supply Chain Actors – A Market Led Extension Approach Suman Dey
3 Farmer Producer Organizations : A Route to Strengthen Indian Rural Livelihood Daya Suvagiya

Theme : Market Led Extension Management – Policy Reforms

Day-1 Session 4

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 Farmer to Farmer Extension Model : Experiences and Future Perspective M.S. Meena & S.K. Singh
2 Progress, Perception and Utilization by Beneficiaries of PMKISAN Scheme of Karnataka Kavitha, H. N.
3 Livelihood diversification : Sustainable approach for climate change Lakshman Reddy, B. S.

Theme : Innovations in Agricultural Marketing Management

Day-2 Session 3

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Digital Marketing by B2B Agribusinesses in Inda Avantika Bakshi
2 Use of E-tools in Agriculture by Farmers of Northern Karnataka Dr. K. Jagirdar
3 Institutional Innovations in Mango Marketing During Lockdown T.N. Srinatha
3 Fresh Water Pearl Cultivation : A Prospective Venture towards Doubling Farmers’ Income Sarvjeet Kaur

Theme : Agricultural Marketing in COVID Period

Day-2 Session 2

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 Impact of COVID 19 and Supply Chain of Major Article of Crop in J&K, India Bakhtavar Hassan
2 Perception of Paddy Farmers about minimum support price Sahana
3 Supply chain and agri infrastructure for pineapple farmers of Tripura Lalit Singh

Theme : Emerging Agricultural Marketing Strategies

Day-2 Session 1

Sr. No. Tile of the Paper Author
1 Performance of Unified Market Platform (UMP) For Major Agriculture Commodities: A Case Study of Raichur Market Bharatha Vinaykumar
2 Contract Farming and Its Consequence on the Farmers of Karnataka Bhuvana C. R.