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Guidelines for Authors

The International Journal of Extension Education (IJEE), is a yearly journal published by the International Society of Extension Education (INSEE). The journal is publishing once in a year in the month of December.

Author should go through the following guideline before submission of paper

  • Use A4 size paper for printing.
  • Type in word document only (.doc) with font size 14 for title with bold, font size 12 for body and subtitles, subtitles should be in bold. Use 1.5 line spacing.
  • Manuscript should include Title, Authors name with designation & institute, Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  • First or second author must be the life member of INSEE. Others may have to take annual subscriptionfor the calendar year by paying Rs. 1000/- each.
  • Only original research papers will be accepted for publication in the journal. Same paper should not be published elsewhere (attach declaration).
  • Mention the year of research conducted. Data of last five years used in paper will be considered for the processing.
  • Research based studies conducted with appropriate empirical tests will only be considered.
  • Manuscript may be within 5000 words excluding tables, charts, figures, photographs and references.
  • Tables, charts, figures and photographs should have proper title or caption.
  • To void duplicacyauthor shall check the paper through the plagiarism software before submission.

Submission of Manuscript

After going through all above guidelines author shall submit the manuscript along with covering letter and prescribed Declaration to the “Editor, International Journal of Extension Education, Division of Extension Education, College of Agriculture, Nagpur-440001, Maharashtra, India”.

Manuscript should be submitted on email Author may send hard copy along with soft copy to the Editor.

Author can upload the paper on website INSEEWORLD (

Mode of Payment

After the clearance of Editorial Board, author will be communicated for the processing fee (Rs. 1200/-) and printing charges (Rs. 250/page). Author should have to pay within a week by cheque, demand draft or he/she can pay online using following details.

Account Name: Secretary, International Society of Extension Education
Account No.: 11072618342
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Branch Code: 1633
IFS Code: SBIN0001633
MICR Code: 440002003

In case of online payment author has to send receipt of online transaction by email to treasurer Dr. Milind Rathod on his email id

Manuscript Details

The title should be unique and concise description of the paper. It should not exceed 10 to 12 words. The authors names should be centred below the title with designation and institutional affiliation.

The abstract is placed on the next line after institution's name on page1. It should be a concise summation of the findings and should include major findings and conclusions. It should not exceed 250 words.

Key words
4-6 key words may be included that indicates the most important materials, operations, or ideas covered in the paper. The abstract should be followed by key words restricted to four to six reflecting the focus area of the research paper.

This part of the text should include relevant details on the nature of study, research design, techniques employed, sampling and the statistical methods with citation of reference. The locale of the study, respondents used in the study should be identified & mentioned clearly. Specify the period during which the study was conducted. Any new technique developed and followed should be described in fare detail. References for the method used in the study should be cited. Enough details should be provided in this section to allow a competent scientist to repeat the study /experiments, or in actuality.

Results and Discussion
This section should discuss the salient points of the study and critical interpretation thereof in past tense. This should not be descriptive and mere recital of the data presented in the tables. Unnecessary details must be avoided, but at the same time significant findings and special features should be highlighted. For systematic discussion, this section may be divided into sub-sections. Relate the results; give particular attention to the problem, question or hypothesis presented in the introduction. Explain the principles, relationships and generalization that can be supported by the result. Point out any exceptions. Explain how the result relates to previous findings, support, contradict or simply add as data. Use the discussion section to focus on the meaning of the findings rather than recapitulating them. The discussion should clearly indicate the interpretation of the results obtained, inference drawn by the researchers and its implications for the others in similar areas. When results differ from previous results, possible explanation should be given. Controversial issues should be discussed clearly. References to published work should be cited in the text by name(s) of author(s) and year of publication.

Finally, to sum up always conclude the paper by clearly crystallization of the results obtained along with their implications in solution of practical problems or contribution to the advancement of the scientific knowledge.

The author(s) may place on record the help, and cooperation, or financial help from any source, person or organization. This should be very brief, and omitted, if not necessary.

List citation alphabetically by names of authors and type them after the text. The form should be in the order of names of the Author, Year, Subject Title, Name of the publication, Volume and Issue Number and Page Numbers. In case of books, names of the publisher and place of publication should be included.

The author owns the copyright of the article until the article is accepted for publication. After the communication of acceptance, the copyright of the article is owned by International Society of Extension Education (INSEE) and should not be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of the editor and the authors of the article.

Author may contact on WhatsApp to

Dr. M. K. Rathod
Editor, INJEE and
Professor & Head Extension Education Section
College of Agriculture, Nagpur-440001
Maharashtra, India
Mob.:- 8275039522
Email :-
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