International Journal of Extension Education
Vol.14 C O N T EN T S September 2018
INSEE Journal Vol 14. Sept 2018
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01.   The Agriculture Mission: Shaping the Future of Farming and Farmers
MS Swaminathan
02.   Bangladesh Open University Transferring Agricultural Technologies through Media
Md. Farid Hossain
03.   Sustainability of Farm and Farmers through Eco-friendly Integrated Farming System Approach
A. M. Patel and Ashok A. Patel
04.   MGNREGA Transform Rural Lives of Dhalai District of Tripura: Impact Study
Jayanta Roy and K. Narayan Gowda
05.   Policy Reforms for Quality Agricultural Education and Needed Changes in South India- A Review
K. Venkataranga Naika, M. S. Nataraju and K. Shivaramu
06.   Agricultural Marketing in India: Major Reforms
Soumya C, K. P. Thakar, M. R. Prajapati, Ashok Patel
07.   Technology Resource Center: Transforming time into Money through Drudgery Reduction of Women farmers
Suman Singh, Hemu Rathore, Charu Sharma, Tanvi Khurana, Kritika Singh
08.   Socio-Economic Appraisal of Agro-Tourism in Maharashtra
D. B. Yadav, D. J. Sanap and R. H. Misal
09.   Indicators Contributing to the Performance of Krishi Vigyan Kendra for Sustainable Development
G. R. Pennobaliswamy, B. K. Narayana Swamyand N. Nagaraja
10.   Doubling the Income of Farmers through Rejuvenation Technology in Mango Orchards
A.C. Deorukhakar, S.R. Bagade and J. M. Talathi
11.   An Economic Analysis of Vegetables Crops at DKSCARS, Bhatapara, Chattisgarh
Praveen Kumar Verma, Narendra Agrawal, Sameer Tamrakar and R. B. Tiwari
12   Export of Pomegranatefrom India: Opportunities and Constraints
G. K. Sasane
13   Impact of Rainbow (Vanavil) Weekly Bazaar As an Innovative Marketing Methodology
P. Kumaravel
14.   Utilization Pattern on Use of Mobile Phones among Small Ruminant Farmers in Tirunelveli District
S. Senthilkumar, C. Manivannan and S. Suresh Kannan
15.   Impact of Enterpreneurship Development on Homemade Cocoa Chocolates among Rural Youths
Shweta Biradar and Shashikumar S.
16.   ICTs for Enhancing Agricultural Income
N. Papanna, M. S. Nataraju and Preethi
17.   Geographical Indication as Credible Intellectual Property Asset for Agricultural Development
Bhanupriya Choyal, K. P. Thakar, M.R. Prajapati and Ashok Patel
18.   Adoption Behaviour of Paddy Growers about Soil Testing
M. K. Rathod, P. G. Khambalkar, S. G. Parshuramkar and N. R. Koshti
19.   Role of Information and Comunication Technology in Doubling Farm Income in Indian Sub Continent
Bhagwan Singh Meena and M. L. Meena
20.   Climate Smart Agriculture for Food Security
A. Dagar, R. N. Pooniya, S. Sethy, S. Mishra
21.   Rethinking About Reshaping Hill Agriculture Development Strategies
Neelam Basera, Arpit Huria, Neelam Bhardwaj and Sweta Shikta Mahapatra
22.   An Insight on Agri-Clinics and Agri Business Centres (AC and ABC) Scheme for Self-Emplyment
Sakthi Parthiban R., Rashmi Singh, MS Nain, PS Sivakumar and V. Ravinder Naik
23.   Strategies for Accelerating the Income of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia
J. Paul Mansingh
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