International Journal of Extension Education
Vol.11 C O N T EN T S December 2015
INSEE Journal Vol 11. December 2015
01.   Factors for School Dropouts in Primary Schools of Lake Victoria Islands, Kenya
Ochieng, Sylvia. A, Njihia,Mukirae and Osewe, D. O.
02.   Situation Analysis of Agricultural Information Dissemination: Implication for ICT application among Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nyamira Country, Kenya
Osewe, D. O., Kipsat, M. J. and Ochola, W.O.
03.   University Students' Perception towards e-Learning
Pooja Tamta and M. A. Ansari
04.   A Scale to Measure the Cognitive Domain of Extension Functionaries on Climate Change
Manjula, N., Nagaraja, N. and Rajanna, N.
05.   Effectiveness of Fisheries Based Programmes Telecast by Public and Private Television Channels in West Bengal
Amitava Ghosh, Arpita Sharmaand S. S. Dana
06.   Yield Potential in Wheat by Application of Improved Production Technology: A Case of Harda District, Madhya Pradesh
Sarvesh Kumar, S.R.K. Singh and R.C. Sharma
07.   User-centered Contents and Design for the Website of Directorate of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University
N. Mridula, P. Ahamed and S. Helen
08.   A Scale on Digital Empowerment of Digital Natives
Kirti, Dipak De and Abhishek Singh
09.   Socio-economic Impact of Commodity Interest Group among Pomegranate Growers
R. D. Ahire, P. S. Kapse and P.R. Deshmukh
10.   Livelihood Security for Tribal Household through Backyard Poultry Rearing in Chhattisgarh
A. K. Chaturvedani, Niranjan Lal and Khalid
11.   Participation of Farm Women in Agricultural Activities
V. S. Tekale, S. S. Gobade and V. V. Tayade
12   Agricultural Extension Delivery System at Grass-root Level in Karnataka: Time Utilisation Pattern, Constraints and Suggestions
A. Dympep and S.S. Dolli
13   Front Line Demonstration - A Tool to Increase Paddy Production
Sunita Kushwah, Kumari Sharda and Raghubar Sahu
14.   Family farming Pattern among the Households of Progressive Farmers in Central Kerala
S. Helen and B. Shanmugasundaram
15.   Impact of Climate Change on Developmental Parameters of Farmers
Kavita Deshmukh and M. K. Rathod
16.   Milking Practices Adopted in Individual and Community Milking System in Kolar, Karnataka
S. Mohankumar, K. Satyanarayan, V. Jagadeeshwari and Manjunatha I.
17.   Gender Difference in Agricultural Empowerment: A Study of Farm Households in Tripura
Kankabati Kalai and Loukham Devarani
18.   Knowledge and Adoption of Recommended Seed Production Technology by the Soybean Growers
P. B. Shinde, Dr. P. R. Deshmukh, Dr. R.D. Ahire
19.   Indicators of Effective Management of Development Work by Non Government Organizations in Nagaland, India
N. K. Patra, M. N. Odyuo and Sagar Mondal
20.   Training Need Assessment of Extension Officers of Southern India
K. S. Purnima, and M. Sreenivasulu
21.   Adoption of Recommended Grape Cultivation Practices
D. Jebapreetha and Rexlin Selvin
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