International Journal of Extension Education
Vol.9 C O N T EN T S December 2013
INSEE Journal Vol 9. December 2013
01.   Computer and Internet Usage Skills of Agricultural Science Lecturers of Tertiary Institutions in Benue State, Nigeria
Tsokura Agber and Agwu E. Agwu
02.   Gender-Specific Perceived Training Needs of Farmers in Improved Rice Cultivation Practices
Tsokura Agber and Agwu E. Agwu
03.   Assessment of Livelihood Security of SHG Women Entrepreneurs in Tank System
M.V. Karuna Jeba Mary and C. Karthikeyan
04.   Constraints in Use of Mobile Phones for Information Dissemination by Public Extension Agents in Delta State, Nigeria
Chukwudumebi L. Egbule and Agwu E. Agwu
05.   Farmers’ Willingness to Pay (WTP) Behaviour for ICT Based Extension Approach
Shanthinichandra, Karthikeyan and Mohanraj
06.   Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy Farmers
V.S.Tekale, D.N. Bhalekar and J. I. Shaikh
07.   Constraints in On-Farm Water Management
Ujjwal Kumar and K. M. Singh
08.   Knowledge Level of Farmers about Improved Dairy Management Practices.
G. K. Sasane, R. P. Khule and U. D. Jagdale
09.   Livelihood Security of Tribal Women in High Altitude and Tribal Zone of Andhra Pradesh
K. Dhanasree and B. Vijayabhinandana
10.   Gender Gap in Access to Extension Services: A Case Study
Sabita Mishra and H. K. Dash
11.   Study on Antecedents of Cotton Growers’ Alienation from Land in Distress Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra
S. M. Wasnik
12   Effectiveness of e-Booklet in Terms of Gain in Knowledge
Rupender Kaur and Rajendra Rathore
13   Women’s Perception on Decision Making in Integrated Farming System
Rajendra R. Chapke
14.   Role of Tribal Women in Farm Activities
Harsha R. Sapdhare
15.   Impact of National Horticulture Mission on its Beneficiaries
D. M. Mankar, P. P. Wankhade and Y. B. Shambharkar
16.   Use of ICT Components by the Extension Personnel of Karnataka State
V. S. Shirke and M. T. Rahool
17.   Watershed Development Programme A Boon for Mitigating Suicide among Farmers: Study of Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra
G. L. Bagdi
18.   Farmers’ Perspectives on Impact of Climate Change on Cocoa Cultivation and Production in Pollachi Region of Tamil Nadu, India
Ramaraj, A. P., J. Kavitha Mary and K. Senthilraja
19.   Impact of Climate Change as Perceived by Farmers in Distress Prone Districts of Vidarbha
N. R. Koshti and D. M. Mankar
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