International Journal of Extension Education
Vol.13 C O N T EN T S December 2017
INSEE Journal Vol 13. December 2017
01.   Socio-Economic Effects of Chemical Pollution on Agricultural Production in Mineral Mining Communities of South- East Nigeria
Samuel .E. Esheya C.U. Okoye , N.J. Nweze
02.   Farm Broadcast Listening Behavior of Farmers in Haryana
V. P. Chahal , Jogender Singh and Vidyulata
03.   Inter-Sectoral Mobility: The Case of Migrant Labourers in the Secondary Sector of Marine Fisheries of Karnataka
Swathi Lekshmi P.S
04.   PSRS-Model Based Farming System Analysis for Devising Strategically Accepted Options in Mitigating System Based Technological Tribulations
Narinder Paul , P.S.Slathia and Rakesh Kumar
05.   Production-Consumption Dynamics of Legumes: A Study in Rural Meghalaya under North Eastern Hill Region of India
Sao Evalwell Dkhar , A.Sarkar , R. K. Talukdar
06.   Socio-Economic Profile of Fishermen in Coastal Konkan Region of Maharashtra
Bhagyashree Patilkhede , V. G. Patil and J. R. Kadam
07.   An Evaluative Micro Level Study on the Impact of MGNREGA in Arunachal Pradesh
Bai Koyu , A. Sarkar , R. J. Singh
08.   Factors Influencing Knowledge and Adoption Level of Sericulturists in Cluster Promotion Programme
Pankaj Kumar Ojha and Kalyan Ghadel
09.   Comparative Analysis of Sustainability of Selected Community Radio Stations
Deepak Chaturvedi P. Singh and Milind Rathod
10.   Information Access and Use Pattern of Dairy Farmers of Punjab
Dhiraj Kumar and Nirmal Singh
11.   Communication Network of Women Vegetable Growers of Nainital District of Uttarakhand
Deepika Verma and Gyanendra Sharma
12   Comparison of Time Utilization of Urban, Rural and Tribal Farmwomen in Farming and Post-Harvest Activities
Chitra M. Bellurkar
13   Factors for Continue Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Technologies for Watersheds Management in India
G.L. Bagdi , P.K. Mishra , S.L. Arya , S.L. Patil
14.   Strategy for Increasing the Soybean Productivity through Frontline Demonstrations and Its Role in Soybean Economy of India in Changed Climatic Scenario
B. U. Dupare, Purushottam Sharma and S. D. Billore
15.   Adoption Behaviour of Farmers towards Bio-Fertilizers in Paddy
M. K. Rathod , S. B. Kad and N. R. Koshti
16.   Impact of National Watershed Mission Development Programme in Rahugaon of Morena District of Madhya Pradesh
Anil Kulshrestha and Y.K.Singh
17.   Scale to Measure Attitude of Tribal Livestock Owners towards Vaccination in Ruminants
P. C. Patel , J. B. Patel and N. G. Patel
18.   Extent of Information Processing Behavior of Dryland Farmers
P.S. Galande , M.C. Ahire , J.M. Patil
19.   Buying Behavior of Rural Consumers towards Selected FMCG Products
Bhawana Rohilla and Manju
20.   Impact of Technology Dissemination through Demonstration (TDTD) on Yield and Economics of Rabi Onion Crop in Kurnool District of AP
Satyendra Singh and H. M. Singh
21.   Growth Drivers - Prospects for Food Processing Industries in Haryana
Vister Joshi and Sachin Gondkar
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