International Journal of Extension Education
Vol.12 C O N T EN T S December 2016
INSEE Journal Vol 12. December 2016
01.   Assessment of Farmers' Processing Technologies and Utilization of Pearl-Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum) Cultivation in Jigawa State, Nigeria
Bello, O.G., Oladipo, F.O., Kareem, O.W. and Osewe, D.O.
02.   Development of A Scale to Measure Livlihood Security of Agricultural Labourers
Mamtha Lakshmi, N., N.S. Shivalinge Gowda and M.S. Nataraju
03.   Potential of Mobile Advisories in Agricultural Extension Services
M. J. Chandre Gowda
04.   Knowledge Level of Dog Owners towards Rabies, Prevention and Control
G. R. Mishra, D.P. Swain and B.C. Das
05.   Attitude of Medical Functionaries towards the Need of Nutritional Knowledge of Nurses in Selected Hospitals of Assam, India
Pallavi Talukdar and Juliana Sarmah
06.   Adoption of Cotton ICM Practices by FFS and Non FFS Farmers in Andhra Pradesh
M. Screenivasulu, V. Sudha Rani and K. S. Purnima
07.   Scale to Measure the Job Satisfaction of Teachers working in State Agricultural Universities
Abdul Sattar Fazely and M. S. Nataraju
08.   Factors Determining Extension Education as a Career
Pankaj Kumar Ojha and Kalyan Ghadel
09.   Comparative Analysis of Sustainability of Selected Community Radio Stations
Krishna D. K., N. V. Kumbhare, R. N. Padaria and Pemlata Singh
10.   Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) on Rural Livelihood in Eastern Vidarbha
Shubhangi Parshuramkar, D. M. Mankar, N. R. Koshti and N. M. Kale
11.   Constraint Analysis of Watershed Farmers and Officials on Natural Resource Management in Watershed Area of Andhra Pradesh State
P. Archana, M. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Sreenivasa Rao
12   Infludence of Environmental Climate in Empowerment of Women Self-Help Group Through Different Entrepreneurial Activities
Pragatika Mishra, Gayatri Biswal and Sabita Mishra
13   Factors Contributing to UP-Scaling and Limiting the Mushroom Enterprise
Laxmipriya Pradhan, B. Parasar and P. Das
14.   Entrepreneurial Talent and Willingness for Entrepreneurship among Agricultural Graduates
Bhavika Joshi, Serene Shekhar and Sarita Sanwal
15.   Determinants of Fisherwomens' Economic State in Fisheries
P. S. Swathi Lekshmi and Narayanakumar R.
16.   Effectiveness of Non-Governmental Organizations in Women Development - A Critical Analysis in Andhra Pradesh
K. S. Purnima and B. Sunita
17.   Application of Agricultural Information Accessed through Mobile
B. K. Jha, Niva Bara and S. K. Jha
18.   Adoption of Organic Farming Practices by the Vegetable Growers
V. S. Tekale, M. H. Pimpalkar and Vidya V. Tayde
19.   Lack of Awareness : One of the Basic Challenges Faced by the Right to Education Act
Bhawana Rohilla and Manju
20.   A Comprehensive Study on Damages Caused by Thane Storm as Experienced by the Cashew Growers in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu
M. Balarubini and C. Karthikeyan
21.   Impact Analysis of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in Dhalai District of Tripura
Jayanta Roy and K. Narayana Gowda
22.   Contribution of Meat towards Nutritional Security an Analysis through Consumption of Different Food Items among Meat and Non-Meat Consumers in Karnataka
T. Senthilkumar and V. Muralidhar
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