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INSEE Journal Publication
NAAS Rating 4.15
INSEE International Seminar Second Call

INSEE Journal Publication: Volume X Released.

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International Journal of Extension Education(INJEE) - 2014 Volume 10.


INSEE International Seminar Second Call

INSEE Journal Publication: Volume IX Released during 3rd International Conference held at Bangalore on 5th December 2013.

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International Journal of Extension Education(INJEE) - 2013 Volume 9.


INSEE International Seminar Second Call

INSEE Journal Publication: Volume VIII Released during National Seminar held at Hyderabad on 19th January 2013.

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International Journal of Extension Education(INJEE) - 2012 Volume 8.


Division of Extension Education, College of Agriculture, Nagpur 440001 INDIA.
0712 2530683 Resi. 0712 2528173 Email :

Dr. Vishnukant Tekale- Editor, INJEE
Contact No.: 09922509636

Subject:- Research Articles for INSEE journal Issue Vol. XII to be published during
December 2016.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I have the immense pleasure to inform your good self that, I am nominated by the INSEE as Editor of INJEE. We have published our earlier nine volumes in last 12 years. We had our First International Conference at Goa, Second was held at New Delhi during 9-12 NOV., 2011 and Third Vonferenve held at UAS Bangalore on 5-8 December 2013 in association with prestigious origination like ICAR New Delhi.

Our own discipline Extension Education has a great task ahead as a challenge to be of great use in transfer of Technology to feed the agriculture production gap and to fulfill the hungry bellies of millions, globally.

Sustainable agriculture is the topic of discussion at all the levels and categories of people. In view of this, our discipline has to be very much innovative in accepting the challenges by way of Education and Research in Extension.

Your honor has been the part of this discipline for last several decades and I therefore, request your good self to send the research articles before 31st July, 2016 at our Nagpur address. Please refer our society website for details Please see above Issues and send Research articles accordingly.

I would like to invite your kind attention to membership growth of the Society. The life membership fee of Society is Rs. 6000/- (Rs. Six Thousand only).

Presently we have members from 23 countries. To be a member itself is a great honor and its fellowship is recognized globally. The membership form can be downloaded from our society website and may please be sent to our INSEE office at Nagpur along with DD drawn in favor of Secretary, International Society of Extension Education along with biodata with passport size photograph. All new members will be issued prestigious life membership certificate at New Delhi. To support the membership drive I request you to kindly pass on this appeal to your Colleagues, Seniors and students. Extensionist making 10 members will be felicitated during conference, gracefully acknowledging their efforts.

Kindly feel free to call or send email for queries if any.

Awaiting your favorable response,
With Sincere Regards,

Dr. Vishnukant Tekale
The one very important activity of the INSEE shall necessary be to promote Research in Extension Education and Rural Development by Publishing the Research Journal.

The first issue of the International Journal of Extension Education the mouthpiece of INSEE was published in January 2005 and was released on the occasion of National Seminar at UAS Bangalore. The second and third issues were published in 2006 and 2007 at Navsari and Dharwad respectively. The fourth issue of the INSEE is released in the first International Seminar organized by the INSEE in collaboration with ICAR Research complex for Goa, Ela, Old Goa, India and Maharashtra Society of Extension Education. The sixth and seventh issues are also already published.

Guidelines To Authors

Authors are urged to have not more than two co-authors per manuscript critically prior to submission. Submission implies non-submission elsewhere and if accepted, no future publication without the consent of the Educational Board.

Submit with covering letter two hard copies of the manuscript printed on one side, on A4 size paper and double space, including title., abstract, text, references, tables and figures along with soft copy (CD). Liberal margins should be left for editorial marking. Number the pages of title, text references, tables and figures in that order. Tables and captions of figures should be separate and every sheet of manuscript numbered. Type the article by using Bookman Oldstyle type face (13pt for title, 10pt for text, 9pt for abstract, tables, references and foot notes).

All the authors should be life members of the International Society of Extension Education or subscribers to the International Journal of Extension Education by paying the annual subscription fee of Rs. 1000/- (each author) for the calender year during which the manuscript is submitted for publication.

The processing fee of Rs. 1200/- per article should be paid.

The subscription fee and processing fee should be paid in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Secretary, International Society of Extension Education, payable at Nagpur.

Mode of submission: Authors should submit the article alongwith prescribed declaration stating that the research paper has neither been published nor sent for publication in any other journal duly signed.

Title: The title should be unique and concise description of the paper. It should not exceed 10 to 12 words. The names should be centered below the title. The designation and address of the author(s) are foot noted.

Abstract: The abstract is placed on the next line after institution's name on page1. It should be a concise summation of the findings and should include major findings and conclusions. It should not exceed 250 words.

Headings: Left align and capitalized letters of main headings of the paper- Abstract, Introduction, methodology, Findings & Discussion, Conclusion and References. Left align the secondary headings with the first letter of the word capitalized at the begining of the paragraph. The Introduction without a heading, should state clearly why the research was conducted with reference to ealier work. Give enough information on the methodology to indicate how the research was conducted so that the reader will have confidence in the validity of the results.

Style: Manuscript must comfirm to current standards of English style usage. The first person's pronoun is accepted and often prefered for clarity. Main causes should usually be stated first. Use tables and figures to illustrate the text and interpret the results.

References: List citation alphabetically by names of authors and type them after the text. The form should be in the order of names of the Author, Year, Subject Title, Name of the publication, Volume and Issue Number and Page Numbers. In case of books, names of the publisher and place of publication should be included.

The article along with the Demand Draft should be sent to the Capt. Dr. L. B. Kalantri, Secretary General / Editor, INSEE, Journal, Division of Extension Education, College of Agriculture, Nagpur 440001.

Please Note: Articles Should be reached in above format latest by 31st July 2016.

Journal Subscription Rates
Individual member (Life) : Rs. 6,000.00 or $400
Institutional member (Life) : Rs. 12,000.00 or $600
Individual per year : Rs. 1000.00 or $40
Institution per year : Rs. 1200.00 or $50
Single Copy : : Rs. 400.00 or $30

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